My mum and dad have been married 40 years today.

Last night we had some wild hoopla to celebrate and I must say, it was a great party. Sister Kelly and next door neighbour, Auntie Mau (family friend since I was two and dearly loved by all of us) and I all joined our party energies to have a great one. Drinks, appetizers, music from '69, candles, white flowers, slideshow, and a fun version of the "Not So Newlywed Game." We had some super friends and family there and I think we dropped into bed at 2 A.M. I hope I can still party like that when I have been married forty blissful years....

Here are a couple of images....

Lots of people took time to look through the wedding album, several of our guests actually attended that day. We even had an old printed napkin, though Mum thought it looked like someone has sneezed on it.

IMG 8259 copy

Ben took this one of the four of us on the deck just before everyone arrived. By the way, mum and dad haven't really shrunk that much...Kelly and I were wearing heels.

IMG 8314 copy

We sure had plenty of laughs during this game with lots of heckling from the guests....much input from the peanut gallery. Can you tell that my dad loves to be the center of attention?

IMG 8452 copy'

We did a little anniversary photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and here are some of my favorite images.

IMG 7017 copy

IMG 7021 copy

This is so my dad, always goofing around...

IMG 7008 copy

IMG 7010 copy

IMG 6990 copy

They love each other. Forty years is a long time and I really can't imagine one without the other. I love how they have chosen to laugh and give and forgive and talk and be together. Last night, yours truly gave the toast and I shared about a line that I had heard in a song, "generations will reap what I have sown." When I think about my mum and dad, I am so grateful for all that they have sown...faithfulness, love, trust, commitment. And I have reaped from that harvest and now my kids are too...that's why I love the last two pictures a lot.

IMG 6888 copy

IMG 6893 copy

We love you, Mum and Dad! Can't wait until your 50th.