I love a good family party.  My cousin, Kevin, and his beautiful wife, Corinne, put on a fabulous party to mark 25 years!  Twenty-five years are worth celebrating and they did it in style with gorgeous food, lots of fun for the kids in the pool and on the trampoline, dancing and lots of conversation.

One of the most meaningful parts to me was when their four kids did a speech for their parents.  They recalled the funny stuff and had everyone laughing with stories of mom yelling, “That’s my boy!!!” at sports games and dad fining them for adding “like” into random conversations.  Then they talked about the things that meant the most to them over the years: trips serving in Mexico together on missions trips, having one on one dates with their parents and how they shared their  faith and character. To raise kids with such strong hearts, ethic, and a love for each other is a tremendous legacy and one that is an example to me and countless others.   I had the opportunity to chat with one of their daughter’s friends and she shared how being folded into the family and loved like she was changed her life.  I love that.  That, to me, is what a real marriage does.  It brings life and blessing to many people.

I was very happy to have the opportunity to pop out with Kevin and Corinne and their kids before the party for some family pictures and then to document some of the party.  They are all so much fun and you can tell that they were laughing through much of it.  Like me, they have a girl and then three boys and being with them always feels like a foreshadowing of what I hope our family will be like as our kids grow.


Kevin and Corinne, thank you for sharing this special milestone.