Saturday, March 2  from 9:00-1:00. Taught in Auburn  $150.

This class is for those who have a working knowledge of the components of exposure and who are shooting in aperture priority, or manual and want to learn how to take total control of their camera. It is exciting to see participants learn how to photograph in challenging environments to achieve their creative vision!

We cover and practice:

  • shooting in challenging situations that are difficult to do in any other mode: low lighting, high contrast, back lighting,  moving objects at high speeds, everything in focus except for movement (varying shutter speeds).

  • finding the “sweet spot” of optimal exposure to achieve your creative vision.

  • working with a model so I can talk through lighting, positioning, interacting, spacing, composition.

To register for a seat, please contact me at and once I add your name to my class list, I'll give you payment information.  I'd also really like for you to have a prime lens for those low light shots.  Thank you!