Golden Hour Photography Class

Saturday, June 2 (backup June 9)  from 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. $150. Auburn, WA

Golden light is absolutely gorgeous to shoot in and is a favorite of photographers for good reason. 

In this class we cover:

  • challenges of shooting in golden light like inaccurately exposed images, positioning of people, finding spots that work well.  
  • the benefits of the golden hour: warmth, back lighting, dimension.
  • I run you through edits of a color and a black and white golden hour image in Lightroom.
  • we'll shoot together in a gorgeous location using several spots to play with the light. With our model, I'll talk about positioning, interaction and lighting techniques. We'll finish by shooting silhouettes at sunset together.

I think you will get much more out of the class if you are shooting in manual mode.

To register, contact!