I'm so thrilled to offer another Looking for Light and Locations class!

Saturday, April 14 from 9-1.  Price $150. Tacoma, WA.

All light is not created equal! We are going to look for the light that will illuminate our subjects for the vision that we have.  We'll also be hunting down locations that add to the composition and visual interest to take portraits to the next level. I'll be teaching this class in an urban environment with a wide span of options for shooting as well as in a natural environment at a local park.

In this class we will be covering:

  • How to find spaces with great light for subjects, even on days which can be grey and overcast.  Natural reflectors and open space are so important!
  • How to look for great places to compose shots with visual interest (framing, rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines, negative space, using depth of field).
  • Positioning and engaging with subjects in a variety of settings....no one wants to look awkward, starchy or super posed.

We will start the class at Anthem in Tacoma and your drinks will be my treat as we talk for the first hour. Then we'll spend the rest of our class time shooting together. You'll be able to translate what you learn into whatever photography subjects are your favorite.

To register, email me at cassandra@cassandrahamiltonphotography.com.