I admire this family so much. A little over two years ago, they received the devastating news that their beautiful daughter, Avery, was diagnosed with the worst childhood cancer, DIPG, which presently has a 0% cure rate.  They fought fiercely and tenderly cared for their girl who passed away seven months later. They have grieved deeply and still chosen to honor her by working hard to raise funding for other children and families who have and will be receiving this terrible diagnosis as well.  They have raised awareness and invested compassion and friendship towards those in this community that deeply need to be cared for by those who understand. 

They have honored Avery in so many ways. They have loved each other well, been honest and raw with their pain, and even in the middle of feeling shaken to the core they have reflected the love of Christ and have shared the legacy of their daughter. 

Like school milestones and family trips and a hundred other things, family pictures are a very real reminder that they should have their sparkly girl standing with them.  She should be showing off her fresh summer dress, and grinning with her siblings. Yet, even in the loss of her being with them physically, I believe that they honor her in documenting their family love, her amazing siblings, and the fact that she is and always will be so much a part of them. I think it's brave.

I also believe that if Avery had a little window from heaven to see her family, she would be delighted to see them all together and she probably would have had a good laugh too at her little sister striking her modeling poses for me!

I'm glad Nana and G-pa (Brenda and Tom) could come too as they are pretty special grandparents. Alex, you are so lovely and growing into a young woman. You are smart and thoughtful and amazing!  Cade, your kind heart is easy to see and I love to hear about your talent in sports. You are a good friend to many. Addison, you are sparkly and full of a million questions. Your joy is a blessing. Brandon and Amanda, you are loving and leading your family so well. God has good things ahead for you all.