Sometimes I'm amazed at how God can bring people into our lives. Alana and I met in the nursing moms' room at church. Filled with rockers and a big screen tv to watch the service, most of the moms get chatty instead of watching....surprise, surprise. Alana and I would bump into each other there week after week as we rocked our baby boys. Fast forward a few years and we consider their whole family dear friends. They are our apprentice leaders of our lifegroup and live just a few blocks away. They are funny and generous and loving. What a gift it is to be known and loved.

I was so thrilled when they wanted to do a family film when I started doing them this year and so we did a little package deal. We spent one night filming and I'm still having fun putting their film together (it will be shared in the next little bit!)  Then we spent the next evening doing some family portraits. In the film, you'll see how cute their house is and it will be great to add some updated pictures to their walls and galleries. Yay!