I don't think it was an accident that I felt like the Lord put the name, Ruby, on my heart for this girl when I was pregnant. My whole life I doodled lists of favorite girl names, dreaming of the day that I'd have a girl of my own. Swirling in my head were pretty favorites like Avalyn, Stella and Rose.  The day I saw the shadows of her moving around on the ultrasound, I knew I was looking at Ruby.

She is a treasure, this beautiful girl-turning-woman. I feel like we are discovering more and more who God has made her to be and she's full of value and light and love and we adore her. It's been a challenging year (it's hard growing up!) but through those challenges, we've seen her choose to mature and turn on the path of wisdom. We are so proud she's our daughter and always will be. 

Some of the things Iove about her at this stage are her easy, big smile and sparkly eyes. When Theo says something kindergarten-ish, she catches my eye and grins at me. She unwinds with her instruments, particularly her ukelele. She is beautiful, yet not focused just on the outward. She had a smart sense of humor. She has this lovely artsy side and I enjoy seeing what she creates with her handlettering.  She has good friends and cares deeply. She is bright and approaches things in a level headed way. She has confidence and way more boldness walking into new situations than I did at this age. She's grown a ton this year but still comes to sit close with Ben and I. She's discovering her own walk with God.

So happy birthday, Ruby! We are so proud of you and so pleased to watch you grow.

Here are a few birthday portraits. I can't resist the wildflowers each May. If you'd like to see her mini birthday film, click HERE. We had fun trooping around Tacoma for these clips. What I wouldn't do for a glimpse of myself at 13! I hope she'll love to look back at it one day.

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