God knew that our family needed Tymen.  This kid runs the extreme of needing to move, play, jump, run, bike and bounce....or else he starts to monkey around too much and get into things. I give him mandatory trampoline and outside time each day  to avoid having him ricocheting around the house.  On the other hand, he has the very softest heart. Recently, without my knowledge,  he brought all of his months of saving, spending,  and giving money (around $80) to the food drive at school because it made his heart hurt to think of people being hungry. He cares for people, is enthusiastic about the little stuff and leans in for a hug or squeeze when he's standing nearby.  He's not complicated and when I ask what's on his mind, it's usually something like wondering when his next meal is coming along (hopefully mac and cheese). He flies a bit under the radar but he's a bright little guy, always thinking about how things fit together. He recently was talking about an app on his kindle (which he gets to use 30 precious minutes a day). He was telling me how they wanted his birthday and information. He told me there's no way he'd give it to them and he was feeding them fake birthday information. I had to laugh, as his computer security dad would be mighty proud. I said, "Whose son are you?", sure that he'd say "Dad's" as they all know that mama is not the technical expert around here. He grinned and responded, "God's." Oh boy, he's right and we are so thankful that God has given us the privilege of raising him. What a treasure he is.

Happy birthday, Tymie.