From my friend, Susan (an incredible mama), I took this idea. I regularly tell Jasper. "If I lined up all the boys in the world, the tall ones and short ones, the ones with brown skin or white skin, the ones with grey eyes or green eyes,  I'd walk up and down the rows and see the boys who were good at different things. Some would be good as reading or singing, some would be great jokesters, some would be amazing soccer players, some would be quiet and some would talk all the time. There would be some wonderful boys there with a lot of wonderful hearts ....but the one I'd pick would be you. I'm so glad God picked you for me."

He is the boy I've always wanted.  Sometimes it's hard as he can be really high or really low.  He can wear me out with his intensity but his love and excitement and compassion outweigh the challenges by far. He adores little kids and spends his allowance on me and Ruby. He digs a good joke and clever writing. Nothing pleases him more than having the opportunity to bless another person. He digs in his heels about wanting to stay inside but when I kick him outdoors with his brothers, he can play and race around for hours. He loves to sing and really enjoys artsy stuff and baking. He's Mr. Hospitality, wanting to massage all our visitors.

I can hardly believe it's been nine years since he was born, without crying but licking his lips and scrunching up his face, while Ben, my mum,  and friend, Lenore and I all squealed over him. He was a little lump of love with a big pumpkin head and I was instantly in love. 

We headed out last weekend right before the rain hit to do some birthday portraits.  He obviously was having a good time. This kid LOVES one on one time and attention and was cracking me up almost the whole time with jokes. He's a ham.

Happy birthday, Jasper. I'd pick you every time.