There is a deep place in me that gets filled right up by teaching these photography classes.  Participants who had taken some of my other classes suggested this one, Looking for Light and Location, where we'd find good spaces and good light.  The first class I did in January filled up in a day which was an indication to me that it was a topic worth diving into! I did a round two at the end of February and it was full of talented photographers, ready to go. We had a great day with our first two models, Raelene and Taylor, in Tacoma where we practiced shooting in scenarios with a variety of light and also a range of compositions. The girls were gorgeous and engaging and so fun to work with! Then we headed to the park, which can be tricky. Josh and Jessica were awesome and Josh was an amazing sport with all of us prowling around them for the shot.  I give a gallery of pictures to my models as a thank you so I'd love to share a few favorites of the day!  

Shooting in Manual Class coming up March 19.  

Photographing Your Life: First Steps with a D-SLR coming up on April 2.

I'll be teaching a family photography class in May and a golden light class in June. SO FUN!