My life is filled with a lot of great things but lately I  had been feeling like I hadn't left many margins and all my time was feeling pretty tight. I was so looking forward to a little respite.

My amazing mother in law stepped in with the kiddos.  After all, you aren't going to dump your four kids on family friends....but you will gratefully accept a nana.  They had such a fun time with her as she is wonderful at getting into their worlds and playing with them in a way that makes them feel loved and known. She also does grandparent things like giving the boys chocolates if they are done in time in the morning!

I packed my bags and got on the plane with Ben.  We are so lucky to have him work from home but quarterly he goes to Santa Barbara to work in the office for a week and once a year, I love to tag along with him for three days if I can manage it. 

My agenda is so very relaxing...I get to do whatever I want....whenever I want. It's the only time of the year I have days like this and they are golden days.  This year I realized again just how much I need a bit of quiet and time by myself.   My days were spent walking the beach, reading on the rooftop pool area of the hotel, wandering down State Street, lunching and having coffees, sitting in parks and poking through shops.  I slept 8-9 hours each night.  Ben worked every day but would return so that we could go for dinner and stuff ourselves on seafood (man, we LOVE SEAFOOD!!).  Then we'd walk a bit and return to our hotel where we ate chocolate cake, drank coffees and watched Poldark (we LOVE BRITISH SHOWS!).  

It was so good for us to have time out of the business of life. So much of our normal conversation is taken up with household necessities, chats about the kids and managing life.  Just to be able to talk and laugh and flirt and laugh some more was good for us, especially when it was all accompanied by such great food.  He's my favorite.

I usually take a lot more pictures on this trip but this year just took my camera out one morning and for dinner one evening. Here's a few pics.