If you would like to register for either of these classes, please contact me at cassandra@cassandrahamiltonphotography.com. I'll put you on my list and tell you where to mail in your class fee.  

Shooting in Manual

Saturday, March 19  from 9:00-1:00. Taught in Auburn and Sumner  $150.

This class is for those who have a working knowledge of the components of exposure and who are shooting in aperture priority, or manual and want to learn how to take total control of their camera. It is exciting to see participants learn how to photograph in challenging environments to achieve their creative vision!

We cover and practice:

  • shooting in challenging situations that are difficult to do in any other mode: low lighting, high contrast, backlighting,  moving objects at high speeds, everything in focus except for movement (varying shutter speeds).

  • finding the “sweet spot” of optimal exposure to achieve your creative vision.

  • working with a model so I can talk through lighting, positioning, interacting, spacing, composition.

To register for a seat, please contact me at cassandra@cassandrahamiltonphotography.com and once I add your name to my class list, I'll give you my address to send in your payment.  Thank you!



Saturday, April 2 from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. $125. Auburn, WA

This intro class is for people who want to learn how to use their cameras and most come in either shooting in auto or dabbling in other modes. You will not regret learning how to document your life and the people in it!

We cover:

  • how to use natural and available lighting for the best look, especially including indoor light which can be tricky.

  • how to capture genuine emotion and connections with portraiture by interacting with your subject (I have some fun tricks I’ll tell you about…nobody wants cheese!).

  • things to keep in mind when composing a shot with visual interest and balance.

  • storytelling and  details to include in your daily life.

  • the technical aspects of your camera and learn how to shoot in the different modes beyond auto.

  • the components that go into creating proper exposure and how to adjust them in a variety of settings.

  • the practical experience of shooting together with what we’ve learned and I will send you out with a sound knowledge of how to use aperture priority.