I remember sitting in the Target parking lot about a week after I found out that I was having another boy and not a girl like I'd hoped for our last baby. I was in my van, wondering if I'd ever not feel disappointed.  I so wanted Ruby to have a sister and I wanted one more chance to buy dresses and brush soft hair into pigtails. And then, of course, I was disappointed with myself for feeling that way, because I adored my boys and of course I should have been happy to have another one.

I was puddling through name sites, looking at boys names a few days later and I felt my heart squeeze tightly as I read the name, Theo.  When I read the meaning "gift from God" I remember that sadness in my heart melted away and I cried a river.  A few days later, someone I didn't know very well at church prayed for me and then added that this baby would be a "gift from God."

Oh my goodness, is he ever. Six years old now and a gift to our family every day. His warm and engaging smile, his magnetic and loving personality, his spunky sense of humor is just what we need.  He's a lego building, bike riding, friend loving, snack eating sweetheart. He sings and loves to make up songs, he reads Elephant and Piggie books and gasps for air when he's laughing so hard and he's the one that's always trying to sneak in bed for a cuddle with us in the morning.

It doesn't hurt that he has a soft spot for his mama and he definitely knows I have a soft spot for him. He is truly a reminder to me that God is so amazing in the good gifts that He gives and that I can trust him to absolutely know best.

Happy birthday, Theo! You will forever be a gift to us!

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