Before auditions for the local school play last year, her big brother, Gavin, was talking to me and my daughter about his little kindergarten sister who said she wanted to be a main character.  We all laughed a little, knowing that the main roles were played by older students but also knowing that she had a huge personality.  She was a shining little character in Suessical and I was taking pictures of the school play, including these character shots.

Afterwards, her mom asked me about taking a couple head shots of her and her (also super talented!) brother for auditions at the 5th Ave. Theater.  They both went for several rounds of auditions and in the end Kendall was cast as Gretl in The Sound of Music.  

She's so charming and engaging that none of us were surprised and we were chomping at the bit to buy our tickets to see the show.  We went on the last day of Kendall's performances and saw several familiar faces in the crowd, including Mrs. Samuelson who was one of the directors for Suessical (and is pictured meeting Kendall at the bottom of the post).

I asked Kelsey if Kendall might have a few minutes to meet with me beforehand so we could do a few shots together.  We tried out some dramatic faces and took a couple pictures with her mom and Papa who's been doing a lot of the commuting with this chatty girl up to Seattle.

Then we LOVED watching her.  Her engaging character and gorgeous acting was so heartwarming and that perky tilt to her head made me smile.  Everyone that knows her is so proud! From school play to 5th Ave. is quite impressive!

I told Kendall that we were so excited to watch her act and sing and that we know she's so talented but there is something that is even more amazing about her....and that's how loving she is.  A few weeks ago, during the first grade performance at our school, Kendall was with her friends doing the holiday production.  While the others were singing away and doing hand motions, she was reaching for and beaming at her best friend, Avery, who has been bravely fighting cancer.  The love between the two made everyone cry who saw the performance and the pictures.

Talent is so good but a loving heart is the very best....and hers is big, big, big.

Kendall, you are teaching us all to dream a little bigger and to love a little more!