Not going to lie....I was jumping up and down on the inside as I dropped the boys off in the carpool lane this morning!  Mama needs some quiet and to get Mt. Laundry under control. However, I feel so happy with our Christmas break and all the special things that we were able to do.  For us, Jesus is the center of the season and opportunities to give and be together are things that we cherish. Once again, Auntie Meghan made an advent calendar full of activities that we brainstormed together and we loved it.  Here are some of the highlights!

Choosing our Christmas tree at the Red Barn Tree Farm, decorating the tree, Journey to Bethlehem, shopping date with Ruby, baking, Theo's program, games and hot chocolate, church trip to Krispy Kreme with the children's ministry staff, Snowflake Lane date with Ben, Garden D'Lights, Christmas movies, baking mugs of chocolate cake, decorating ice cream cone trees, Papa's birthday dinner, Nana's birthday brunch and spa morning, our lifegroup party, telecaroling, Christmas Eve before service pictures and book unwrapping, Christmas Day, night hike and sledding in Vancouver, Pike Street with the kids, Sheraton Gingerbread Village, Tymen's date with Mom and Dad, sledding with lifegroup friends and taking the grandparents to The Sound of Music, their Christmas presents!

Whew! No wonder I'm loving the quiet. Pouring another coffee STAT.

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