When I started teaching photography classes four years ago, I began a photography growth group on facebook for photographers who had taken my classes to share images, ask questions, share articles, and support each other.  I also share photo recipes, techniques and have enjoyed the friendships and connections that have come out of it! A while back I asked for ideas for classes and a good deal of the feedback was from people who were wanting to learn more about successfully using different kinds of lighting and how to compose shots in different locations.

I loved that idea and the class was filled in a day which was an indicator that we were onto something that is so important to learn and actually do together! I've heard from so many, that it's in the practice of shooting and instruction together that they learn so much.

I woke up the morning of the class and heard it pouring buckets, though the weather charts the day before had looked like the rain would be done about 9:30. (Oh, Washington fickle weather!!)  To be honest, I felt a little sick but when everyone showed up with boots and umbrellas, cheerfully telling me if we could find light and locations on a day like that, they could do it anywhere...I was encouraged.

We started at a coffee shop where we drank up and talk for an hour about the concepts and then walked through Tacoma for three hours with our models, looking for light (front, light, side, backlight, dramatic) and finding locations that would allow our models to stay dry but also to incorporate composition techniques.  We had so much  fun and then topped it off with lunch at Indochine's.  

Here are some images of the day of our class. You can see what the weather was like in some shots but you can also see the yummy light we found to work with!  Thank you to Jessa and Kaia, and Andy and Katie for being so engaging and awesome.

Here's a list of upcoming classes.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of them.

Looking for Light and Location- February 27 (CLASS FULL)

Shooting in Manual- March 19 (Open for registration) More information HERE!

Photographing Your Life: First Steps with a D-SLR - April 2

Family Photography- May 14 (May 21 backup)

Golden Light Photography- June 4 (June 11 backup)