Fall in the northwest can be dicey when planning photos but we've been super lucky to have all these weeks of gorgeous evenings.  One of my favorite places to shoot right now is an old golf course five minutes away that gets the best light and I know that there are plans to build warehouses there (noooooooo!), so I'm using the space as much as I can while I can!  I did a set of mini sessions the other evening and while the location was perfect, finding me was a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.  Glad Amy and Jason and the kids didn't give up searching for  me and rolled on in to have some fun together!  Amy is an awesome teacher at our school and this family is well loved.  Vinny has this winning perma-smile and Siena was sunshiny with her big smile and striking eyes.  Amy and Jason, thanks for making it a great night!