I met Shannon when her son, Landon, was in the same kindergarten class as my Tymen.  Now Shannon works in our school office and she is so warm and loving that whenever Theo and I are in the building, he asks if he can go to the office to say hi to the "pretty lady".  He grins like a Cheshire cat when Shannon beams and tells him how happy she is to see him.

They are a wonderful and generous family.  I was so happy to meet up with them the other day for their fall mini session.  Landon and Jackson rolled with it and did a fantastic job (yay for the boys!!) . Often when I am taking portraits of kids I have parents describe them with a few words (which always bless me as they are so encouraging!).  After Shannon told me about Jackson, Landon said he had words too and told me his brother is smart and awesome.  Love that!!