Almost always with photo sessions there are plenty of factors we are not in control  and kids being big factors.  On this day we were supposed to have clouds all evening and the most gorgeous sunshine came out just in time for our time together (wahoo!).  As a mom of several kids I know that things can get dicey and Sarah wisely told me beforehand that she'd decided in her heart to have no expectations so she could be pleasantly surprised with anything good we got.  Truthfully, these kids were gems and so much fun to play around with.  Great personalities and sweet hearts! Naomi kept everyone running after her but one flash of that monkey smile and it was worth all the playing.  Morten and Sarah also have a lovely exchange student from Denmark, Maria, who is already fitting in and scooping up littles.  She helped me get some laughs out of the kids too.

Thank you for a wonderful evening! The love you all have for each other is very evident.