When I am driving to their sessions, I feel like I do when I've been looking forward to a good visit with friends.  I adore this family and love seeing them each year since the twins were on the way. We've photographed them all over and I was thrilled when Jen suggested taking photos as home as Sam wanted pictures with his lego and Ellie wanted some with Ernie and Smudges, the cats.  It so warmed my heart to photograph them through the house and see pictures from past years up all over (great big hug for a photographer!!).  We did take photos with legos, cats, baby dolls, books and with Nana and Auntie who were there for tacos before I came.  We played and visited at the house and then went for a walk. We played Simon Says and then hung out at the local school playground.  They are the most laid back family, except for Sam, who has ants in his pants (but I sure dig a boy who's got some energy!).  Ellie's smile and the way she laughs made me grin the whole time I was working on their pictures. From Sam's sticker covered bed to Ellie's cuddle space with the kitties, I hope these pictures will always remind them of this fun season.