One of my favorite things about my photography classes is getting to meet such wonderful people through them! Heather has been to two of my classes and is signed up for my Golden Light Class in a few weeks.  What a treat it was to do a golden light mini session with her family! One of my mini session nights got stormy so I'm glad we were able to reschedule and follow the last hour of light, all the way to  when the warm sun dipped right down at sunset.

Scarlett and Sawyer were an absolute delight.  Kids with personality are my favorite and they were pure fun!  I think the warmth of the sun is the perfect setting for the love that they all have together.  The last one of Heather cuddled up with her sweeties, is one we did just as we were losing the light and it makes my heart so happy. It's so good to get mamas who are behind the camera most of the time, in front of the camera with their kids!