This was the third year that we've done the fourth with friends from our lifegroup (small group from church!).  We started out the day a little slowly as we're all trying to slog through this unseasonable heat but it didn't take the kids long before they were biking around the loop, digging in bags of chips with friends and blowing off the water bottle rocket.  We had a groaning table of really good food, plenty of bbq everything and did a little family flag waving. As the sun went down we dashed up to the hill for a last minute patriotic silhouette and then headed back to our house.  I'd been concerned about the family fireworks show with the dry grass and had asked Ben for just sparklers. Welllllll, there were a few more things involved but the dad-pyros were cautious and had soaked down the front lawn and had buckets of water ready to go if needed.  It was a fun day! Makes me happy to see our kids growing up with friends like these.