We haven't camped in a couple of summers.  It was a lot of fun, but when I found Tymen licking his fruit rollup hands as he was coming out of the camping potties, I knew we needed to grow up a little more for my own camping sanity.

We had a great time away this past week!  We drove up to Kalaloch and were blissfully happy at the beach in the beautiful light.  The kids worked hard at building and digging and it was fun seeing them crash through the waves.  We had a wee visit with Kate Densmore and her family.  It was talking to her as she did our "Day in the Life" in April which twigged our interest in heading to that neck of the woods.  We roasted marshmallows, the kids build fires with Ben, and I got to preside over the campfire popcorn popper which I've had since I was little and had to get the knack of again! The kids were ecstatic to help with everything and having Auntie Meghan there made it all the sweeter.

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