For the last couple years my daughter has been involved in the amazing school plays put on by our local elementary school.  It was where I met Sarah, who inspired and instructed her singers to shine.  Through the productions I met her husband and gorgeous daughters who are highly talented in theater (and a host of other things!) and who were helping behind the scenes to make the productions amazing. Sarah and Raelene have taken a couple of my classes and it's been so fun to get to know them better. I was delighted when Sarah asked if I would take Raelene's senior portraits.

Raelene is just stunning and shiny and engaging and warm. She was a delight to photograph at Ft. Steilacoom and just laughed when we showed up and the whole park was flooded with a track meet and parents who were jogging back and forth across fields.  We found quiet areas and had so much fun talking and shooting. She is so natural and I told her she could do a modeling/ posing class for me (and teach me a thing or two!).  She is so gorgeous but I feel like it's her heart that shines through so clearly.

Thank you for a FUN morning and  I hope you have a wonderful rest of your senior year, Raelene!