Since 2009 I've been photographing a day of our lives each year.  As I breeze through those books, it's amazing to me how much of our live changes year by year and yet there are the constants.  These are the details of our lives that we want to savor and remember.  

This year we had the treat of both sets of grandparents being with us.  My parents are never usually here for Thanksgiving as the Canadian holiday lands in October. We were shuffled around in bedrooms a bit with the boys camping in the office.  We did our usual slow morning of p.j.'s and the Macy's Day Parade, Papa smoked  the turkey and hung out with us but also played the saw and mandolin in the back yard and downed some cups of coffee.  We zipped to the park to bang out our Christmas card photos....always a job with moving targets!  Then we cooked and snacked and prayed and served up.  Jasper waved the drumstick in victory and took a bite out of it immediately so nobody else would lay claim to it!  Then we played Twister and Charades with our friends, talked about what we were thankful for and packed away the leftovers and started a stock. The night ended with the kids drawing names for the kid they will be making a Christmas present with as they partner with a buddy....plans are already being made!  The movie, "Elf" was our final time together before tired kids were put to bed and adults loafed around on couches. Glad to have captured the memories!

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