Here are the dates and details about my upcoming winter 2016 classes. This quieter time of year is a great time to learn how to use your camera better.   

If you would like to register for either of these classes, please contact me at I'll put you on my list and tell you where to mail in your class fee.  Gift certificates are available if you'd like to give a class as a Christmas present.



Saturday, January 16 from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. $125. Auburn, WA

This intro class is for people who want to learn how to use their cameras and most come in either shooting in auto or dabbling in other modes. You will not regret learning how to document your life and the people in it!

We cover:

  • how to use natural and available lighting for the best look, especially including indoor light which can be tricky.

  • how to capture genuine emotion and connections with portraiture by interacting with your subject (I have some fun tricks I’ll tell you about…nobody wants cheese!).

  • things to keep in mind when composing a shot with visual interest and balance.

  • storytelling and  details to include in your daily life.

  • the technical aspects of your camera and learn how to shoot in the different modes beyond auto.

  • the components that go into creating proper exposure and how to adjust them in a variety of settings.

  • the practical experience of shooting together with what we’ve learned and I will send you out with a sound knowledge of how to use aperture priority.

Looking for Light and Locations Class

Saturday, January 23 from 9:00-12:30. Taught in Tacoma  $125.

This class is currently full but I am considering adding another class in February if there is sufficient interest.  Email me if you would like to be contacted if I add this class.

I'm very excited to teach this new class! All light is not created equal! We are going to  look for the light that will illuminate our subjects for the vision that we have.  We'll also be hunting down locations that add to the composition and visual interest to take portraits to the next level.

I'll be teaching this class in an urban environment with a wide span of options for shooting as well as in a natural environment at a local park.

In this class we will be covering:

  • how to find spaces with great light for subjects, even on days which can be grey and overcast.  Natural reflectors and open space are so important!
  • how to look for great places to compose shots with visual interest (framing, rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines, negative space, using depth of field).
  • positioning and engaging with subjects in a variety of one wants to look awkward, starchy or super posed.

Aaaaaaaand, we'll stop for some good coffees during our morning together, my treat!  After all, we are in Washington and caffeine makes everything more fun!

For this class, I'd prefer that you are shooting in manual but if you are comfortably shooting in aperture priority, that will work as well.