He's funny and likes to joke around.

He cuddles and makes dinosaur sounds as he nuzzles into me in the morning.

He does chores like the big kids and hauls laundry up and down stairs for me.

He likes to be the leader when we take bike rides around the neighbourhood. 

He tells me he wants all the people in the world to come to his birthday party...except for the bad guys.

He loves to get new clothes and gets squeaky happy about new shirts and the fact that his new fleece has "fum holes " (thumb holes).

He'll lick as many bowls as I'll give him when we bake.

He loves to make people laugh and he has a laugh that makes everyone smile.

He will talk to strangers every where we go.

He's learning letters and sounds and exults when he gets a word in the Flip-A-Word books.

He's daddy's big boy and mama's baby.

He's the icing on the cake.

He's our gift from God, just like his name means and just like the Lord told me he would be when I was expecting him.

Happy birthday, Theo. We are so glad we get to love you every day. What would we do without you?

He and I popped out to do a few portraits the other evening. Love this boy's smile.