A sign that I am making progress with letting things go in my life a bit is that I am letting myself be late this month with Theo's 10 month update (he turned 10 months 10 days ago) and our family's August 6x12 picture which should come up this week. There was a time when I would have stayed up to three in the morning to get it done to satisfy myself but it's not necessary. Ah, Type A personality, there's only so far I can let you go.

So, onto my baby boy...who daily is becoming a bigger and bigger baby boy. 10 months! Now when I perch him on this chair he is much more stable than the first few months when he would go teetering over.

IMG 0643 copy

Almost every day I ask the kids, "What are you thankful for?" "The Chubster!!" is one of the first things they say every single day. This little fellow gets so much attention. They love to blow zerberts on his belly and hear him squeal happily. They love it when he chugs along, crawling towards them and breathing heavily. They want to share their food and toys with him and ask me if they can "babysit".

IMG 2892 copy edited-1

IMG 3919 copy

IMG 3950 copy edited-1

He's a man on a mission...to touch and bang on every single thing in the house and to shove whatever he can in his mouth. Busy, busy. He crawls everywhere, tries to empty cupboards for me, pulls himself up on tables, and tries to pound on my keyboard when I am typing. Ben has created booby traps in the office to deter him from crawling under his desk and chewing wires. It doesn't work.

IMG 3994 copy

IMG 3979 copy edited-1

He's loving figuring out how things work and looking at these two pictures makes me marvel that my baby is so big already.

IMG 0555 copy

IMG 0557 copy

It's been fun this month to see him sprouting his top two teeth which makes for an even four so he can gnaw like a little beaver on just about everything. I've found unbelievable things in his mouth and my vigilance as a mother of four seems to be lacking. Polly pocket boots, my earring (which he fished out of my drawer), a bug, beads, lego. The WORST was the other night when I was making chicken pasta and carefully cleaning everything and he found a piece of RAW CHICKEN on the floor and ate it. I can't believe I dropped it and I was frantic and couldn't stop thinking about it. Ben said I needed to stop confessing it to everyone I ran into! He didn't miss a beat.

Theo is such a happy and content little guy. Thrilled to get attention, happy to giggle and mess around, easygoing...except for mealtime.

There seems to be great mealtime angst going on. When he sees someone eating and he isn't, when his food it too slow coming to the table, when whoever spoons him his food pauses, there are earsplitting screams. The screams actually sound like he's tumbled down a set of stairs or been stabbed. Until his belly is tight as a drum from food, of which his portions are huge, there is stress.

IMG 4500 copy

IMG 4511 copy

We've noticed the body language of his feet. If they are pressing against his tray, he's getting worked up. If they are rotating, he's happy. Here is some stress while Mummy pauses for a picture...food to the baby...priorities!

IMG 4583 copy

He's doing a lot of rubbing of food into hair.

IMG 0586 copy

IMG 0598 copy

He also has mastered the art of slurping up noodles. He doesn't chew them so we assume they go down his throat this way.

IMG 1558 copy

He's eaten calamari, pho soup, bacon and eggs, California rolls. Pretty much any meals we eat, I mush up and he eats it too...and loves it all.

Corn, baby. He screamed like he'd been electrocuted when he dropped it the other day.

.IMG 0717 copy

We love this boy. Immensely. Immeasurably. We can't imagine a better baby for our family and are grateful to the Lord that we get him.

IMG 1978 copy