Asha in the UW Cherry Blossoms

We’ve lived in the area for 11 years and in the last year, I have been discovering and finally seeing all kinds of places that have been right under my nose. What a gorgeous area of the world we live in!  One of the places that I was determined to visit this year was the UW campus when the cherry blossoms were out.  I know people swarm to see the quad when these 80 year old trees burst into bloom.  For that reason, I wanted to go early in the morning so my amazing sister in law packed up the kids with me before sunrise so we could go exploring.

We met up with our gorgeous friend, Asha, who is a student at the UW  just after sunrise.  I did Asha’s senior pictures a few years ago and now she kindly modeled for me so I could satisfy my need to photograph someone beautiful in such a lovely place.  She is terribly smart, and as sweet as she looks.  Her gorgeous smile and big shiny eyes are a dream and she was laughing at my crazy kids who were chasing birds and tackling each other behind me (which is why I NEVER bring them for any sort of regular photo shoot!). The trees weren’t quite in full bloom but they were already gorgeous.  The stately buildings and lush camellias and magnolias made my heart happy too.

Thank you, Asha, for meeting us so early!   Thank you, Meghan, for keeping the crazies out of the pictures and getting waffles and coffee with us afterwards!

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These Are the Best Days {Tacoma Family Photography}

Meghan is one of the most chilled out moms that I photograph.  I met her when she was pregnant with Maebry and had the opportunity to photograph both Maebry’s first year and Miller’s first year and every time she is easygoing. In fact, she always lets me choose the spots and this last time when I gave her two options, she wrote back and said, “You’re going to make me choose?  How about the one with the best bathrooms for little kids.”

Not a bad idea.  For Miller’s one year session, we turned it into a family session with her parents, and brother’s family who were in town for the birthday party.  Now it’s always going to be hairy when we’ve got a group that includes four kiddos that are four and under, but these adults rocked it out.  They laughed and played and bribed and chased and cheered…and laughed some more.  Those are my kinds of parents and grandparents.  Honestly, the ones that we love the best in the end are the ones that show the personality, right?  When I was editing and came across little Marshall trying to escape his cousin, Maebry’s enthusiastic hug, with Grandma and Grandpa laughing, I was cracking up.

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Cassandra, Derek and Dylan in the Blossoms

I had a fantastic time with this young family the other evening.  Cassandra (great name, eh?) is the nanny for a client of mine and from what I have heard it feels like a great fit for both families.  They wanted to bless Cassandra and her family with an early birthday present, a spring mini session, with her family.  We ended up with great light and beautiful blossoms as we captured the connections that these three have together.  Little Dylan was a champ, warming up really quickly to a stranger with a camera, though he definitely wanted to walk, rather than be held.  Cassandra and Derek were awesome with their wonderful son. Thank you for a great evening!


Portraits of Raquel in the Blossoms {Federal Way Photography}

There’s a a range of what I love to photograph, and capturing beautiful portraits is one of them.  We had some gorgeous evening light and the blossoms were thick the other night as I had the opportunity to do a mini session of Raquel who is a lovely young woman. Her sweet mom was fixing up her hair and I was squealing about the light and how pretty Raquel looked layered in between the blossoms.  So fun!  What a fun thing it was for me to create some portraits of this pretty girl.


Daddy and Ruby Swinging in the Sunset

They are peas in a pod and they love to be together.  She lights up when he loves on her and he’s showing her what it feels like to be cherished and valued.  She knows that her dad thinks she’s smart and pretty and fun and caring but beyond that she knows that daddy loves her because she is his.

They were heading out for a school Father Daughter Dance the other night and I insisted on a 10 minute stop at the park first.  I’ve been wanting to take some swing dance pictures of them.  Ben can seriously cut the rug and he’s teaching Ruby his moves.  She loves it.  We also did a few trumpet pictures as they love to play together.

Every girl should be so loved.