Mother’s Day Portraits with My Crazies

If you’ve been around me for 10 minutes when I talk about family photography, you know I beat the drum pretty hard about parents being in pictures with their kids.  My kids don’t care if I don’t look like I did when I was 25, if my hair is a mess or I have a few extra pounds on me.  They care about ME being with THEM. I can’t even tell you how much I value the pictures of us together.

On Mother’s Day, after eating a wonderful dinner, we ran to the fields for 20 minutes of light.  All I wanted was a few simple portraits of me with each kid and all of us together.  My sweet sister-in-law shot these portraits for me which I LOVE.  So worth the crazy drive over.

There’s no gift like the gift of being a mama.

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Happy Together in the Golden Light {Tacoma Family Photography}

I’ve gotten to know this awesome family through our church during the last year.  Brandon and his oldest son, Josiah, were cabin leaders at kids’ camp with Caleb in their cabin and I remember seeing their pack of guys having a blast.  There was a game on the last day of the week where all the cabins in our rotation were stealthing around the grounds with plates of shaving cream, strategizing abut how to get past the dinosaurs, fairies and mad scientists.  You bond over those kinds of experiences and Caleb tells me he’s ready for camp again! 

They are a good crew.  Their warmth, affection for each other, and prizing of the baby was so fun on our night together.  We had gorgeous evening light and they were easy.  Believe me, I know what it’s like for a family of many moving targets to be photographed and they were laid back and fun.

One of my goals when I group families is to really make an effort to get images of each parent with each of their children.  I just think it’s good for those one on one pictures.  We also do some put together shots and then stir the pot and get some fun ones too.

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Cole and Family

I had a great time wandering around some of my favorite areas and some new spots in Tacoma on Saturday with Cole and his family.  In a few months, Cole heads off to university in Colorado, so it was a great time to swing in some family pictures at the same time.  On Mother’s Day weekend, I know that Tina was happy to have some pictures of their whole family together.  Thanks for a fun morning!

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Drumming and Graduating {Tacoma Senior Photography}

I had the best time taking senior portraits of Dylan last week.  I’ve done portraits with his whole-awesome-noisy-cool-hilarious family but it was fun to have time with just him on this day.  I always see Dylan on worship bands at church, drumming his heart out, or caring for people.  He has a strong heart for the Lord, a passion for worship,  and loves really well. He’s about to finish high school, taking classes at church, and also learning job skills in construction. Solid guy.

He told me when he was about seven, he and his dad were around a musician who saw little Dylan pounding and drumming on everything and he told his dad he should get him a set of drums.  Man, is he good.  We met up and he set up his awesome set in a parking garage and then just went for it.  We were in a quieter area of Tacoma and every once in a while people would walk by and peek in to see where the awesome rhythm was coming from.  I was in heaven, photographing him from all kinds of angles and loving listening to him.  My adrenaline was pumping for sure.  Then at the end, we took a walk around and got a few more portraits.

I am grateful that my sons are growing up in community with fine young men like him as examples in their lives.

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Mama Love

I met up with my friend, Jacquelyn, a few days ago to do some head shots.  I asked her to bring along her kiddos for some pictures with her too. These little crazies have some amazing personalities I wanted to capture and I also wanted to document the love that she has for these precious kids. It’s a big and warm love and they are nuts about her too.  I was so happy with the golden light and the fun these guys had out there messing around.