Steve and Tracy and Their Boys on a Windy Beach {Tacoma Family Photography}

I had the opportunity to meet up with Tracy and Steve and their boys at the beach the other day.  Their three boys are spaced out very close to what my three are and I know what that means….lots of messing around and laughing and crazy…and I love it!  They are a sweet crew and it was fun to see Steve tackle and play with them and their mama hug and kiss and melt them,  because as active as these boys are, they love their mom and she adores them.  In between the playing around with the boys (and I did leave some ones of the fray in their gallery because they are so fun!), it was really lovely to see the care and easy affection between Steve and Tracy.

Their family goes to my church and I’ve just gotten to meet them the past year or two through a parenting class and then the big boys went to kids’ camp last summer.  It’s hard to tell from these active pictures but they are in the middle of a battle against cancer that Tracy has.  Their trust in the Lord’s unfailing love, commitment to their family and support of their community is a big testimony.  They appreciate prayer and encouragement.

These photos are the “before” ones as Tracy is heading into some intensive treatments and I look happily forward to the “after” pictures that we’ll do at the end of this cancer journey of these five who clearly love each other!  It ended up being a chilly afternoon and SUPER windy when we got together.  Tracy was a trooper and Steve just encouraged the boys to run and warm up.  I do love that we were able to do the photos at Dash Point where the family spends a lot of time.

I hope these photos will be a blessing to you, Steve and Tracy!

01-HigaFeb2015 (1 of 96)02-HigaFeb2015 (3 of 96)03-Higa February 2015 Gallery04-HigaFeb2015 (8 of 96)05-HigaFeb2015 (19 of 96)06-Higa February 2015 Gallery107-HigaFeb2015 (21 of 96)08-HigaFeb2015 (25 of 96)09-HigaFeb2015 (28 of 96)10-HigaFeb2015 (30 of 96)11-HigaFeb2015 (31 of 96)12-HigaFeb2015 (33 of 96)1-HigaFeb2015 (40 of 96)13-HigaFeb2015 (43 of 96)14-HigaFeb2015 (44 of 96)15-HigaFeb2015 (46 of 96)16-HigaFeb2015 (38 of 96)17-HigaFeb2015 (39 of 96)18-Higa February 2015 Gallery22-HigaFeb2015 (55 of 96)19-2015.2620-2015.2721-HigaFeb2015 (70 of 96)22-Higa February 2015 Gallery323-HigaFeb2015 (89 of 96)24-Higa February 2015 Gallery525-HigaFeb2015 (91 of 96)26-HigaFeb2015 (77 of 96)27-Higa February 2015 Gallery428-HigaFeb2015 (85 of 96)29-HigaFeb2015 (83 of 96)If you are interested in a “before” and “after” session if your family is walking through a season of battling a disease like cancer or something else, please send me a message.  There’s a lot of love to capture during the journey.


Filling My Cup-Some Quiet Days in Santa Barbara

Since I was little, I’ve needed a little  time to be creative, to be around beautiful things and to be by myself.  I certainly love the fray of crazy family and busy kids but I deeply crave a little  time alone too.  It is most certainly the reason why I stay up way too late at night, loving the silence. 

I was so fortunate to go along with Ben on his most recent trip to Santa Barbara and it was just what I needed.  Three days spent walking, looking at lovely shops and streets and beaches, taking photos, eating at cafes with my book.  Then at night Ben and I talked and laughed and ate great food (the famed lobster bisque that I rave about!) together.  We needed to get off “business mode” of family life and just to have a few days together. I love him and it was good to remember how much I like him too! It was our 13th anniversary when we were there.

I usually photograph people so I had no real agenda but to look at things that felt beautiful or inspiring as I walked.  The lines, the color, the space,  the feel.  It was fun to take my time and just play around.

Here are some of my favorites. This time I traveled with just my 35 mm 1.4L and my lensbaby pro composer as I wanted to practice a bit with the manual focus…and got a little carried away.


Puff pastry baked on top of a cup of salty, creamy lobster bisque. Oh my heavens.03-santa-41-santa-1-604-santa-1105-santa-1206-santa-1307-santa-1508-santa-1709-santa-2110-santa-2511-santa-2712-santa-2913-santa-5214-santa-3316-santa-402-santa-4417-santa-4515-santa-3618-santa-4619-2015.220-santa-4721-santa-4822-2015.2123-santa-4924-santa-5025-santa-5326-santa-5527-2015.2228-santa-614-santa-62

I played with light a bit too.  Can’t believe how many years it took me to get a remote!!29-santa-7230-santa-515-santa-7331-santa-886-santa-8032-santa-9133-santa-9334-santa-9435-santa-9636-santa-107

Him.  13 years.  Proof that God can give us more than what we can ask or desire.37-santa-10838-santa-10939-santa-11840-santa-12041-santa-12142-santa-12243-santa-12344-santa-12445-santa-12546-santa-12647-santa-127

A Day with Rebecca {Seattle Professional Photography}

I know I’m not the only one who’s been loving the beautiful spring weather we’ve been having.  I feel like I’ve been turning my face towards the sun and soaking in the warmth.  Some people can be like that too, though most, in my experience, are unaware of how others just want to be around them.  My lovely friend, Rebecca, is like that.  Her warmth, care and heart draw others near, even when she’s just joking around or being honest about what’s going on with her day.  Her faith and encouragement have been a real blessing to me. 

I loved having the day with her to take some new images for her real estate work. Having clean, strong images that truly reflect a business owner is so important. We forged some crazy wind, walked up steep hills and Rebecca demonstrated her mad parking skills as we went around to some fun spots to shoot.  It was a pleasure to be together and to catch up.  Such a good time…thank you, my friend!

02-Rebecca Feb 2015503-RebeccaFeb2015-1004-Rebecca Feb 2015105-Rebecca Feb 2015406-RebeccaFeb2015-19

We did a few fun ones too.07-Rebecca Feb 2015208-RebeccaFeb2015-3609-RebeccaFeb2015-4610-Rebecca Feb 2015311-RebeccaFeb2015-5112-Rebecca Feb 2015613-RebeccaFeb2015-5714-RebeccaFeb2015-7615-Rebecca Feb 2015716-Rebecca Feb 2015817-RebeccaFeb2015-83-2

Caden and Olivia’s Birthday {Tacoma Birth Photography}

I published a 2015 WISH LIST of a few items that I would like to photograph this year and right off the bat I got a message from Brant and Sian, whose MATERNITY PHOTOS I did in December, inviting me to photograph the birth of their twins.  I was thrilled! I kept my phone on me and Sian and I touched base frequently as she gave me updates after doctor visits.  Baby A and Baby B were snug and cozy and made it right to 37 weeks before the doctors advised  an induction. 

It was truly an amazing day. Brant was a rock, so supportive and engaged.  Their doula, Michelle, was warm and skilled at bringing direction, encouragement and support to the couple.  The staff at St. Joseph’s were truly incredible.  The nurses were doing their jobs efficiently and it was clear that they love their jobs by the care that they gave.

Of course, Sian was the star of the day.  I was so impressed with her mama heart and her quiet strength.  She labored through the day with grace and perseverance.  Birth is messy, raw, powerful, vulnerable and glorious all at once.  Particular care was taken at the hospital with a twin birth and they took the precaution of doing the delivery in the OR.  I was so happy to be wedged into that room of about 15 professionals to be witness to the birth of Caden and then Olivia, who was delivered breech by an incredibly skilled doctor.  So much joy and love and smiling in the room!  It was a beautiful thing!


Here is a slideshow of about half of the images. There’s one picture at 2 min 47 seconds that makes me tear up every time.  It’s not a remarkable picture photographically  but the look on Sian’s face is so transparent to pain, expectation, determination on the path to hold the precious babies.  I remember being in that place with all my labours and it reminds me that the hardest work that could ever be done, yields such a great reward.

(For best viewing, watch in HD)

Caden and Olivia Birthday 2.2.15 from Cassandra Hamilton Photography on Vimeo.

January Personal Favorites

I know I’m not the only one who always thinks that a break is just ahead.  In the frenzy of December, I was looking forward to the quiet of January. January sped by and there was plenty to do.  Two classes for me to teach and a few sessions on a month that is generally very quiet for me, Ben’s birthday, Jasper’s new specs, Downton nights with Meghan.  We’ve also had some great mild weather so we’ve been getting the kids out to walk and bike and explore.  Tired kids are always preferable!

I have to say, I’ve been a wee bit surprised at how peeved my kids are with me for not doing an “official picture of the day” this year. (I’m missing it too!) However, I did pick up my camera and here are some of my January favorites.

01-walkwithnanapapa-302-walkwithnanapapa-1203-walkwithnanapapa-1804-walkwithnanapapa-221-walkwithnanapapa-3107-birthday-132-birthday-508-birthday-1609-birthday-193-birthday-2211-birthday-2712-birthday-284-birthday-3014-birthday-3515-birthday-445-birthday-4717-birthday-5318-birthday-6219-birthday-736-birthday-7621-birthday-8222-birthday-8523-birthday-9424-birthday-9826-FREMONT-17-FREMONT-1128-FREMONT-429-FREMONT-1730-FREMONT-188-FREMONT-2133-FREMONT-3234-FREMONT-3435-FREMONT-369-FREMONT-4137-FREMONT-4438-FREMONT-5340-FREMONT-6641-FREMONT-7142-FREMONT-7243-FREMONT-7344-FREMONT-7445-reptile-846-reptile-1247-fam walk-548-fam walk-1049-fam walk-1550-fam walk-1951-fam walk-2052-fam walk-2353-fam walk-2654-fam walk-3055-fam walk-3256-fam walk-3457-fam walk-4058-fam walk-4159-fam walk-5060-fam walk-5161-fam walk-5362-fam walk-5564-fam walk-6363-fam walk-60