Sunshine and Dandelions and a Lot of Laughing {Auburn Family Photography}

Being a photographer in the Pacific Northwest, I’m constantly watching weather reports and making calls with my clients on whether to go ahead or to postpone, especially at certain times of year. A year and a half ago, in the fall, I made one of the worst calls ever and ended up with torrential-bucketing-overflowing-the-sidewalk rain.  While we used big overhangs and found some great spaces, it wasn’t the most ideal.  Ryan, Erin and Emma were cheerful and flexible and made it work with me and at the end Ryan picked up Emma and carried her to the car so the water wouldn’t go over her ankles!

Well, this year was the total opposite and I couldn’t be happier with the warm sunshine and light.  Their warmth, affection for each other, and teasing made it pure fun for me.  They are so easy to be with and I was happy to get some images of who they are.  What a pleasure!

01-repoznanski2015-21-repoznanski2015-102-repoznanski2015-32-repoznanski2015-403-repoznanski2015-53-repoznanski2015-604-repoznanski2015-705-repoznanski2015-84-repoznanski2015-1006-repoznanski2015-907-repoznanski2015-1108-repoznanski2015-1209-repoznanski2015-1310-repoznanski2015-1411-repoznanski2015-1512-repoznanski2015-1613-repoznanski2015-1714-repoznanski2015-1815-Erin and Ryan Poznanski116-repoznanski2015-1917-Erin and Ryan Poznanski

Emma’s idea…a perfect oneSmile18-repoznanski2015-265-repoznanski2015-2519-repoznanski2015-24

Amelia’s Senior Portraits {Tacoma Senior Photography}

In photography there are some variables that can contribute to me having to eat my Wheaties and work hard: big families, littles I have to chase and engage, crazy weather.  I love it all (well, except for gnarly weather!).  However, once in a while, photography feels just way too easy: fantastic weather, a great location, amazing light and a gorgeous girl to photograph as I chatted with her and her mom.

Amelia was such a pleasure to be with and her beautiful smile was radiant.  What a treat to take her senior pictures as she is heading towards a whole new season!


Silhouette Mini sessions Open for Registration

I adore silhouettes and if you’ve seen any of my work, you’ve seen them float along frequently.  There’s something about the shadows that draws attention to shape, movement, size and relationship in a powerful way.  This year will be the second year that I am offering silhouette mini sessions.  A mini session will include seven images and as a very special extra: a handmade necklace pendant or keychain of your favorite image.  I know several moms and grandmas who would love to have such a special gift (and it’s okay to buy it for yourself!!)

I will have three dates open (with three backup dates the next week in case of rain or heavy overcast skies). They will take place between 7:45-8:45 as per our sunset times during those dates.

Monday, May 25, Tuesday, May 26, Thursday, May 28 (with back up dates being June1, 2, 3)

Lakeland Hills, Auburn


7 full resolution images with print release for print and gift making

Necklace or keychain pendant

Gift certificates available for Mother’s Day.

1. To register, contact me at and let me know what day you’d like and whether you’d like a gift certificate.

2. You can mail in a check to save your spot.

Here’s a mother’s day set of seven images I did with my friend and her lovely girls.



This is what the silhouette necklaces look like (so fun!!!)

Here’s a few other favorites that I’ve done as well!07-Huffmansilhouette-5-208-MillerSilhouette-122-Lynchsilhouette-609-Neal-610-tree-111-McCarthySilhouette-21-MillerSilhouette-412-jonesfall2014-10913-KeighronSilhouettes2014-614-silverstars-115-FatherDaughter-43

Our March 2015

I have a stack of 12 by 12 albums on a table in our family room.  It pleases me to no end to see our kids picking these up and paging through them.  I do it fairly frequently too and find myself savouring the details of every day life, the stuff that feels so ordinary and yet as the years go by, mark these seasons so distinctly. Here’s a peek at our March.

01-Theoparky-1202-Theoparky-705-FatherDaughter-2206-FatherDaughter-4507-JasperParty8-508-JasperParty8-309-JasperParty8-410-JasperParty8-3011-JasperParty8-3212-AshaUWSpring-113-Meghan UWSpringBlossoms-714-Jasper birthday-615-Jasper birthday-816-Jasper birthday-123-2015.319-Jasper birthday-2620-Jasper birthday-4017-Jasper birthday-1818-Jasper birthday-1921-sweetness-422-Collages123-around-224-around-1225-around-526-around-2127-around-4-228-around-1329-around-1-330-around-3-331-around-6-232-around-8-233-tulips-135-tulips-1036-tulips-1937-tulips-2438-tulips-3139-tulips-4240-tulips-4842-tulips-5043-tulips-5644-tulips-54

Our Tymen Christian is Seven

Maybe because he’s my busiest one during the day, he’s also my sleepiest one in the mornings. Often when I go to get him out of bed he tucks his blanket right over his head and if I have time, I crawl in bed beside him, smell his sleepy, little boys smell and savour that even though he’s growing, he’s still my little boy. He’s loud and kind of ricochets around the house at full speed. He makes animal howls and wrestles his brothers, flashes grins at goofy jokes and likes to play with his buddies. He prefers books like Geronimo Stilton and loves to be read to when we cuddle together.  He has about a dozen stray socks under his bed and builds legos. He’s generous and quick to respond,enjoys a good laugh, and runs fast when I try to pinch his skinny bum when I walk up the stairs behind him.  He’s easily content and got a happy heart.  He loves his family and knows that God has made him special.

He’s our gift. Seven years of loving this boy, and a lifetime ahead of us…how blessed are we?

Tymie and I headed off the other night for some birthday pictures, the kind that require rubber boots so I could let him just play and muck around, climb things, get in the mud and throw a few rocks. I love that in these pictures I can see the monkey, wild child, and sweetheart that he is.