Happy Together {Tacoma Family Photography}

We knew the risk of rain this late in November would be pretty big, so Stacey and I bought clear umbrellas just in case.  We were going to make it work as she was really excited about doing a family session as a gift to her parents.  Happily, the skies were clear and sun was shining and I have to say, they were so fun and easy to be with.  It’s clear they do a lot of laughing in their family.  It made my heart happy to be with a great family like this and to see the gifts that they are to each other, especially little Zach to his grandparents!


Senior Pictures of James

I had a great time walking around and taking senior portraits of James.  I was asking about his family’s trip to Europe as London is at the top of my list of where I want to travel next.  James is taking a hefty set of classes and it’s clear to me he’s a smart guy (anyone that’s willing to tackle calculus is smart in my books!) and he’s got some musical interest too.  His sweet mom told me that she couldn’t have asked for a better son than him. I could tell that he’s a solid guy.  Thanks for the opportunity!

We also took just a couple pictures with James’ little sister, Summer, who was irresistible in her pink coat.  He’s a great brother.

25-JamesSenior-326-JamesSenior-601-JamesSenior-1802-James Januch senior03-JamesSenior-1904-James Januch senior105-JamesSenior-2306-JamesSenior-3007-James Januch senior208-JamesSenior-3109-JamesSenior-3510-JamesSenior-3911-James Januch senior312-JamesSenior-4313-JamesSenior-4614-JamesSenior-4715-JamesSenior-4816-JamesSenior-5417-JamesSenior-5518-JamesSenior-5819-JamesSenior-6420-JamesSenior-6521-JamesSenior-6622-James Januch senior423-JamesSenior-6824-James Januch senior5

Rewarded With Sunshine {Auburn Family Photography}

Sometimes it takes a bit of patience to get to a photo session date.  This time we had to work around a couple re-schedules due to sickness and heavy rain but boy, was I glad for the late afternoon that we ended up with. (Actually I was ecstatic!)  The last hour of light and fall sunshine were dreamy to shoot in and the warmth that it brought to these images makes me happy.  Cathie and Lonny and their twins were pure fun to photograph.  We joked around and they were lovely together.  The girls monkeyed around and teased each other and Cathie had the best laugh.  At the end we caught the last bit of light for a few silhouettes…the icing on the cake.

I had quite a few favorites to share and Cathie will get a nice big gallery because I just couldn’t narrow things down more than I did (and I didn’t try very hard.) Enjoy your well deserved peek!!


Hugging Close, Family Portraits on a Windy Day {Tacoma Family Photography}

The weather can be a bit dicey this time of year and I am constantly watching the reports.  I was happy to see that it would be sunny and a bit breezy the day I was going to photograph this family.  However, that breezy that the weather reports forecasted, turned out to be freezing wind on the day that we got those 60 mph winds.  Usually I can make just about anything fly, but I was concerned about keeping the  littles happy for pictures with such chilly conditions.

These amazing kids and their equally awesome and easygoing parents gave it a shot.  They were great sports, cuddled between shots, played along and I think we got some really fun images of this family clearly in love with each other!  Piper, Evie and Asher have some fantastic personalities and Carri Jo and Caleb were wonderful with them.  All that hugging did the trick!

01-TimmerFall2014-802-TimmerFall2014-603-Timmer Fall 201404-TimmerFall2014-105-TimmerFall2014-1006-TimmerFall2014-1307-TimmerFall2014-1408-TimmerFall2014-2709-TimmerFall2014-3210-TimmerFall2014-3511-TimmerFall2014-3812-Timmer Fall 2014113-Timmer Fall 2014214-TimmerFall2014-4115-TimmerFall2014-4316-TimmerFall2014-4517-TimmerFall2014-4618-TimmerFall2014-5019-TimmerFall2014-5320-TimmerFall2014-6821-TimmerFall2014-6922-TimmerFall2014-7123-TimmerFall2014-5624-TimmerFall2014-6025-TimmerFall2014-6226-TimmerFall2014-66

Callie and Mike’s Family Portraits {Auburn Family Photography}

I was so happy to meet up with this beautiful family.  Sunshine, great smiles and some terribly cute outfits were all in our favor.  I was really loving Mya’s red scarf which she was willing to wear for some frozen yogurt at the end (smart girl!).  They are a sweet bunch.  With this many kiddos, and especially this age, there are a  lot of variables to getting a shot where everyone looks great.  I know as sometimes I need to take hundreds of thousands of my four just to get a usable one, but these guys rocked it. 

My boys were wishing they could have been along for this session as “helpers” (which I never allow because they are all the help I need…and more!).  Jasper was wishing he could see his friend, Maddie, who’s been a classmate and friend since kindergarten, and Tymen wanted to see his teacher.  We’re so thankful for great families like this in our community!

01-Mc Carthy2014-102-Mc Carthy2014-303-Mc Carthy Fall 201404-Mc Carthy2014-505-Mc Carthy Fall 2014106-Mc Carthy2014-1707-Mc Carthy Fall 2014208-Mc Carthy2014-211-Mc Carthy2014-3710-Mc Carthy2014-4111-Mc Carthy2014-4212-Mc Carthy2014-4813-Mc Carthy2014-4914-Mc Carthy2014-5315-Mc Carthy2014-5616-Mc Carthy2014-6317-Mc Carthy2014-6618-Mc Carthy2014-69

There has to be a hairy moment or two, right…..?19-Mc Carthy2014-70

It’s always fun at the end to do a few fun ones with the kids.  We cut the rug and danced a little.20-Mc Carthy2014-7421-Mc Carthy2014-7722-Mc Carthy2014-7923-Mc Carthy2014-9324-Mc Carthy2014-89