Down By The River {Auburn Family Photography}

Last Christmas when I was doing my Christmas special, my friend, Susan, said that she wanted to get this gift for herself.  I was happy to pop around the block and drop off a tin with chocolates and a gift certificate for a 2014 session, including a canvas.  When we got together for these pictures, she said that the real incentive was to make sure she got family pictures done this year!  We did and now she’ll have a fun canvas to hang on her wall too!

You can tell in these images that we had a lot of fun.  Craig and Susan are so warm and the kids were easy to play with.  One of my favorite parts of regular sessions is that we have a lot more flexibility to take shots of interactions between the different members of the family, including parents with each child (which I feel is really important!).  We play, we talk, we mess around and that leads us to the real smiles and hugs and expressions that we want.  I loved the colors that they wore, the way Finley’s wisps of hair escaped her headband and the way you can see Diesel’s teeth growing in when he belly laughs.  Seeing the easy way that Craig and Susan relate to each other and the kids made me so happy to be taking their photos.

We felt a few drops of rain (despite the forecast!) when we arrived but the rain held off.  However, the sky was a bit too murky to finish with silhouettes like we’d planned so we met for a few minutes a couple days later to do those. 

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I’m always happy to take a clean headshot to be used professionally or on websites too. (So beautiful, Susan!)30-Keighron 2014 Gallery731-Keighron2014-6032-Keighron2014-6133-Keighron2014-6234-Keighron2014-6435-Keighron2014-6536-Keighron2014-6737-Keighron2014-6838-Keighron2014-6939-Keighron2014-7240-KeighronSilhouettes2014-141-KeighronSilhouettes2014-242-KeighronSilhouettes2014-6

This “dance moves” one makes me laugh.43-KeighronSilhouettes2014-7

Sarah, Shawn, Samantha, Sophia, Sierra {Auburn Family Photography}

I run a very real risk of gushing if I’d share  very much of what this family means to our family.  We love them.  Their friendship, faith, generosity, the way they’ve extended themselves to us and the people around them has been an incredible blessing.  We always liked them but in this last year, we’ve grown to love them deeply as we’ve led a life group (a small group from our church) with them.  We are so very thankful to be raising our families together, along with the other awesome families in our group. Having a true sense of community and involvement with others that love our family and that we care for too, has been an incredible blessing to us.

We did their fall mini session and I was in blissful happiness. I adore these girls, I love being with their whole family.  Totally fun, especially when I asked Sierra what her dad did that was funny and she relayed something that had everyone laughing for five minutes.


Robyn, Josh and Madi With Some Good News {Auburn Family Photography}

I met Robyn at one of my photography classes and she immediately came across with such warmth and friendliness, the kind of person you like right away. I was so happy that she signed her sweet little family up for a mini session.  Miss Madi is a honey and her  smile was just darling.  They hugged and cuddled and laughed and at the end we did a few pictures to announce some very special news.


Then our timing for our mini session was so perfect so they could announce some very special news.  New babies are the best…yay!15-Carper2014-416-Carper2014-517-Carper2014-7

Emma, Senior Portraits in the Fog on the Bay {Tacoma Senior Photography}

I loved (LOVED!!) doing this senior session with Emma!  Her warm personality and gorgeous smile had me right off the bat.  I liked how unique this session felt too.  She is a real Washington girl and loved that the fog rolled in over Commencement Bay right before we started her pictures.  I liked the clean lines, negative space and peacefulness of the sky and water, which really highlighted her vibrancy. 

Emma plays trumpet (really well) and wanted to incorporate her passion (in a non cheesy way!).  I just love how her silhouettes turned out.  I told her she may need to record a cd now because this would be a great cover shot!

Emma, thank you for having me take your senior portraits.  Hanging out and visiting with you and your mom felt like being with instant friends and I enjoyed you thoroughly.  Happy senior year!

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His Name Means Laughter- Fall Mini With Isaac and His Mama {Auburn Family Photography}

I adore spending time with these friends. There’s  Isaac, who has a smile that could light up a room, and his generous mama, who has a huge heart.  This little guy is thriving and growing and so full of joy.  He’s nailing milestones, got hundreds of signs down, and definitely has a mind of his own (like pumpkins were not going to be inside the wagon if he could get them out!).  Desiree is such a great mama, lavishing all her heart on him, challenging him, and supporting his growth.  She knows his patterns too, like the fact that Pirate’s Booty can be a powerful bribe, and when he took off at a dead run towards me to take my puppet which I was holding out to him, she knew that look in his eye meant he’d toss it over the bridge….and he did…and we laughed.  Isaac, your name means “laughter” for good reason…what joy you bring!