Our Theo Maddox is Four {Birthday Pictures}

I’m having to trust the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, for I come to a loss to express just how much joy and love this boy brings to our family.  His laugh rings regularly, he has a big chipmunky grin that we all vie for, and his special spot is cuddled right in the middle of our family being adored by all.  He kisses liberally and loves his whoopie cushion.  He never meets a stranger and loves to lavish the ones he loves with artwork.  He prizes being like the big kids but still pretty much runs the show as the baby of the family.

Four years old. It’s really hard to grasp.  Four feels a lot older than three and though it’s so much fun to see him grow, I feel the tension of wanting to forever capture these days.  We love this boy.  His name means Gift From God, and that is what he truly is to us, every day.  We love you, Theo Maddox!

Two birthday sessions this year, which is what you get for having a photographer for a mama and being her constant muse and sidekick.  One was at a local bridge. The other at the river near our home.  I included some at the end with his bookend and big sister, Ruby.


Seahawks Gear and Pigtails {Auburn Family Photography}

Often with kids that are more hesitant, I start with group and family pictures, but with ones that are ready to roll, I start with them.  When I arrived, Sierra and Kaden were ready to rock and were chatting my ear off.  It’s always a good sign.  I had a great time doing this family’s mini session, they are so easy to be with and ready to laugh and play around.  In fact, I do all I can to egg it on a little so we get some real smiles when taking family pictures.

My friend, Stella, told me that something I shared at a MOPS meeting a few years ago about the importance of moms and dads getting in the pictures was a big motivator for her.  I love that!  I know that there are many parents who tell me that being photographed isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world for them, but I love that they do jump in.  Your kids and families will never regret having pictures of you laughing together.

Thanks for a fun time, and for rocking the Seahawks gear.  Sierra easily knows more about football than I do (and she even had green and blue hairbands in her pigtails…so cute!)

01-Stevens2014-102-Stevens Fall 201403-Stevens2014-404-Stevens2014-605-Stevens2014-706-Stevens Fall 2014107-Stevens2014-808-Stevens2014-9

We’ve got to make it a little crazy, right?09-Stevens2014-1210-Stevens Fall 2014211-Stevens2014-1312-Stevens2014-1413-Stevens2014-1614-Stevens Fall 2014315-Stevens2014-19

Izzy, Senior Portraits

I met up with Izzy last week for a one person mini session for some senior pictures.  What a precious girl,  full of warmth and fun.  She says she loves this season so a cool day which felt wet and mossy, with vibrant color seemed like a perfect backdrop.  Her eyes were expressive and her smile so engaging.  Izzy, I hope you have a wonderful senior year!

02-IzzyOwens-403-Collages04-IzzyOwens-505-Izzy Owens06-IzzyOwens-1007-IzzyOwens-1108-IzzyOwens-1209-IzzyOwens-1410-Izzy Owens111-IzzyOwens-1712-IzzyOwens-18

Down By The River {Auburn Family Photography}

Last Christmas when I was doing my Christmas special, my friend, Susan, said that she wanted to get this gift for herself.  I was happy to pop around the block and drop off a tin with chocolates and a gift certificate for a 2014 session, including a canvas.  When we got together for these pictures, she said that the real incentive was to make sure she got family pictures done this year!  We did and now she’ll have a fun canvas to hang on her wall too!

You can tell in these images that we had a lot of fun.  Craig and Susan are so warm and the kids were easy to play with.  One of my favorite parts of regular sessions is that we have a lot more flexibility to take shots of interactions between the different members of the family, including parents with each child (which I feel is really important!).  We play, we talk, we mess around and that leads us to the real smiles and hugs and expressions that we want.  I loved the colors that they wore, the way Finley’s wisps of hair escaped her headband and the way you can see Diesel’s teeth growing in when he belly laughs.  Seeing the easy way that Craig and Susan relate to each other and the kids made me so happy to be taking their photos.

We felt a few drops of rain (despite the forecast!) when we arrived but the rain held off.  However, the sky was a bit too murky to finish with silhouettes like we’d planned so we met for a few minutes a couple days later to do those. 

01-Keighron2014-102-Keighron2014-303-Keighron2014-504-Keighron2014-705-Keighron2014-806-Keighron2014-1207-Keighron2014-1508-Keighron2014-1609-Keighron2014-1810-Keighron 2014 Gallery111-Keighron 2014 Gallery212-Keighron2014-2713-Keighron2014-2914-Keighron2014-3115-Keighron 2014 Gallery316-Keighron2014-3317-Keighron2014-4218-Keighron2014-4319-Keighron 2014 Gallery520-Keighron2014-3421-Keighron2014-3522-Keighron 2014 Gallery423-Keighron2014-3724-Keighron2014-4925-Keighron2014-5126-Keighron2014-5327-Keighron2014-5528-Keighron 2014 Gallery629-Keighron2014-56

I’m always happy to take a clean headshot to be used professionally or on websites too. (So beautiful, Susan!)30-Keighron 2014 Gallery731-Keighron2014-6032-Keighron2014-6133-Keighron2014-6234-Keighron2014-6435-Keighron2014-6536-Keighron2014-6737-Keighron2014-6838-Keighron2014-6939-Keighron2014-7240-KeighronSilhouettes2014-141-KeighronSilhouettes2014-242-KeighronSilhouettes2014-6

This “dance moves” one makes me laugh.43-KeighronSilhouettes2014-7

Sarah, Shawn, Samantha, Sophia, Sierra {Auburn Family Photography}

I run a very real risk of gushing if I’d share  very much of what this family means to our family.  We love them.  Their friendship, faith, generosity, the way they’ve extended themselves to us and the people around them has been an incredible blessing.  We always liked them but in this last year, we’ve grown to love them deeply as we’ve led a life group (a small group from our church) with them.  We are so very thankful to be raising our families together, along with the other awesome families in our group. Having a true sense of community and involvement with others that love our family and that we care for too, has been an incredible blessing to us.

We did their fall mini session and I was in blissful happiness. I adore these girls, I love being with their whole family.  Totally fun, especially when I asked Sierra what her dad did that was funny and she relayed something that had everyone laughing for five minutes.