Family Day Ice Skating at Polar Bear Plaza

At the beginning of the month, Auntie Meghan created a super little advent calendar.  Each envelope is filled with activities, from Christmas book reading with cookies, to dates with mom or dad or Auntie, to snowflake making,  to a trip out to see the lights.  The kids are very focused each morning to see what’s happening.  We find that we are doing so many activities that involve quality time and we’re all loving it.

The plan on Saturday was for the family to head to Polar Bear Plaza to go ice skating.  I hadn’t been in 20+ years and Ruby had only been twice.  However, all those hours on their roller blades paid off!  These kids had more balance than I and I was glad for the welcome excuse to hold onto the bars with Theo so I didn’t land flat on my bum.  It wasn’t busy and our crazies owned the ice.

At the end, we took a stroll down the street for some treats at Hello, Cupcake! and then walked around by the glass museum. Good to be together and good to wear out these boys who need a lot of energy run out of them each day.

01-ice skate tacoma-502-2014.1203-ice skate tacoma-1004-2014.12106-2014.12207-performance-108-ice skate tacoma-1909-ice skate tacoma-2010-ice skate tacoma-2211-ice skate tacoma-2312-ice skate tacoma-2413-ice skate tacoma-3014-ice skate tacoma-3115-ice skate tacoma-3216-ice skate tacoma-3317-ice skate tacoma-3418-ice skate tacoma-3819-ice skate tacoma-3920-ice skate tacoma-4121-ice skate tacoma-4522-ice skate tacoma-4723-ice skate tacoma-4924-ice skate tacoma-5125-ice skate tacoma-52Halfway in, Theo pooped out and grabbed my legs.  He got to go to the outside and be a waver.26-2014.12327-ice skate tacoma-5728-ice skate tacoma-6229-ice skate tacoma-7030-ice skate tacoma-7231-ice skate tacoma-7332-ice skate tacoma-7433-2014.12434-ice skate tacoma-7735-ice skate tacoma-7936-ice skate tacoma-8637-ice skate tacoma-8838-ice skate tacoma-89

Date With Theo

Not quite sure why, but at least 8-10 times a day in the last couple weeks, Theo has said, “I’m your baby, Mama.  I’m your baby.” He’s my lover, my kisser and hugger and cuddler.  He’s my sidekick and buddy and I am enjoying him so much in this season of him being the only one home with me during.  He likes to think of jokes and is on top of the world when he cracks me up. He makes me a lot of art that involves the letters T,H, E, O and M, O, M with many hearts and smiley faces.

A couple days ago we had a date to the Children’s Museum.  We’ve been there when there’s been barely enough oxygen in the room from all the children sardined in.  However, on this weekday morning, there were probably less than 15 kids in the whole place so he had the run of it all! I had fun playing with light and angles and letting him just have a great time while I followed.

Then we ended up at Hello, Cupcake for a perfect end to a perfect time.


Pink and Blue on the Way {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

I remember how when we had our babies, they were so brand new but there was a sense that we’d already known and loved them our whole lives.  They fit us and our family like puzzle pieces.  I was thinking about that when I left from photographing Sian’s maternity session with her husband, Brant, and their little boy, William, who actually turned two the day of our pictures.  They are such great parents to William who just lights up when he’s around them.  It’s obvious too, that the little boy and girl they have on the way, already have a special place in their hearts.  Soon to be a family of five, it was very fun to document this sweet season before their twins arrive.



Photographing Your Life: First Steps with a D-SLR

Registration for my next class is now open:

Saturday, January 31

1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.


At my home in Auburn, WA

This class (previously Parent Photography Workshop) is designed for those who want to get the most out of their d-slr’s and to learn how to photograph their lives with more thought and skill.  People come into this class at a range of ability levels, from shooting in just auto to those who have dabbled in other modes but want a sound foundation of how their camera works and what to do in different situations.

We will cover:

  • how to use natural and available lighting for the best look, especially including indoor light which can be tricky.

  • how to capture genuine emotion and connections with portraiture by interacting with your subject (I have some fun tricks I’ll tell you about…nobody wants cheese!).

  • things to keep in mind when composing a shot with visual interest and balance.

  • storytelling and  details to include in your daily life.

  • the technical aspects of your camera and learn how to shoot in the different modes beyond auto.

  • the components that go into creating proper exposure and how to adjust them in a variety of settings.

  • the practical experience of shooting together with what we’ve learned and I will send you out with a sound knowledge of how to use aperture priority.

I’ll also feed you fruit and donuts and coffee!

This is a very fun class and I cover a great volume of material.  I love it when I see those who take the class get inspired and jump right in.  I have been thrilled at the growth and awesome  images I see from students after the class.   We also have an optional Facebook group afterwards where I share articles, photo recipes and others share victories and ask questions.

To register:

1. Contact me at

2. Mail in your check to reserve your seat.

Class size is limited to 12.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I’d LOVE to have your join us and learn how to document your amazing life and all the people in it!

Learning how to photograph your life well is something you will never regret!  It’s why I picked up a camera in the first place and I love having a record of my family’s life!

Here are a few of my favorites from the last few months of our crazies!

01-fourthlifegroup-11402-fort langley-203-jump-2404-levi visit-1805-COreunion-9506-berrypicking-907-berrypicking-1808-whiterockbeach-1109-day in the life-7810-Meghan b day-4411-day in the life-9812-hikefranklin-213-chalk-1-4 copy14-whistler-5715-playing-1016-schoolplay-3317-Theo4Yearswhiteriver-4019-picture-120-kids fall-321-Theo performance-4

Freezing Their Buns Off {Tacoma Family Photography}

They are an amazing family with big arms that wrap not just around each other, but anyone that the Lord puts in their path.  They are fun and noisy and yet they have eyes to see the people around them that need to be loved and cared for. They do it well.  They are the real deal and inspire a lot of us around them to open up our hearts to be a blessing to others too. 

We met up right after there was a snowfall.  At first we were pretty excited to do pictures in the snow and I had my big zoom all packed for an end of session snowball fight.  However, by the time we got together, much had melted but then the temperature dropped.  This meant that they were freeeezing, as in 30 degree-and-WINDY-trying-to-make-it-happen-freezing.  Everyone had jackets and I hauled blankets out of my trunk so they  bundled up between pictures.  They were cooooooold but I was pretty ecstatic about the gorgeous backlighting that we were getting.  I have to say, it was probably the shortest big family session I’ve done, in and out in 50 minutes.  They were also incredible sports and even though I literally had them freezing their buns off (sitting on snowy branches), not one complaint, and in fact all the messing around they did got some great expressions. 

There is one picture near the end of everyone standing on a big fallen tree where, if you zoom in, you can see how cold sweet Lily is at that point.  I left it in the gallery as proof of what they all went through for family pictures.  Lily, you rocked it, girl, and I give you full permission to eat five bowls full of Menchies goodies for doing such a great job. (Tell your parents I said it was okay!)

01-Mc Connell-102-Mc Connell-303-Mc Connell-404-Mc Connell-705-Mc Connell Fall 2014106-Mc Connell-807-Mc Connell-1008-Mc Connell Fall 2014209-Mc Connell-2110-Mc Connell-2211-Mc Connell Fall 2014312-Mc Connell-2613-Mc Connell-2814-Mc Connell Fall 2014415-Mc Connell-3416-Mc Connell Fall 2014517-Mc Connell-4818-Mc Connell Fall 2014619-Mc Connell Fall 2014820-Mc Connell Fall 2014721-Mc Connell-5622-Mc Connell-5823-Mc Connell-5924-Mc Connell-6325-Mc Connell-6426-Mc Connell Fall 2014927-Mc Connell-7428-Mc Connell-7729-Mc Connell-7930-Mc Connell-8031-Mc Connell-8532-Mc Connell-8733-Mc Connell-8834-Mc Connell-9035-Mc Connell-9236-Mc Connell-94